I am picturing myself Saturday night week ago in a downtown venue. It is not a big venue. And I am watching one of my fave bands. It is closing in on midnight when they hit the stage, late, as they had to go looking for their guitar which was not at the premises when they were due to hit the stage. I am standing there and soaking in the atmosphere. This looks promising. They hit the stage.

I few minutes into their set, I feel this is going to be good, even monumental. I need to extend my memory.

I reach for my phone, a smart phone with a camera. I unpack it, load it, and shoot. Shoot a few photos. A quick glance at the photos. I am happy with what I got. My memory will now be extended. I want to share this moment with the others who could not be bothered this time around to come out with me. I know they follow me on social. That is how they know what I am doing. That is how I tell them what I am doing.

I refrain from using the word “awesome” when posting onto the social, just say something like “delivering an excellent set” or something like that. And hashtag it. Now everyone will know what an awesome dude I am, always at the core of the fun.

I look around me, and see other people present got the same idea as me, to share the moment. A few blickering small screens. I wonder if they are getting better pictures than I am? I must remember to scout the social later on. Funny, I think, when some have misgivings about the audience documenting this way their experience. And sharing it on the social. I can not see it diminishes the experience, but enhances.

I love it when I am pictured while performing. Documented on a phone and then shared on the interwebs. It spreads my word. Makes it an desirable event to be in the same room as I am performing. It enhances my presence on the big interwebs. I might cut through and get more people to my next performance. By jove. The audience come for the experience, the situation the music creates in the locale. And part of that experience is to expand the memory of the event into posterity on the interwebs.

So please point, shoot and share! Whenever you see me on stage. Spread the word. And hashtag me, so I can search the genius I am

Image by Alex Weber