Do you need one for your social media?

As in for your official online presence.

We know one Taylor Swift who found it a useful way to connect with her audience, that consist in part of Gen-Zs – i.e. (some of the) teens of our present.

so do a ton of musicians

we're inclined to go with – if you need to be told in a blogpost like this one, then no

It's very #teaminternet.

Which can mean weird. Out there.

Internet-first stars already use Tumblr.

For anyone not of the current teen generation,
the mode of communication may seem as foreign
as millennials are to the media.

Grimes has a functioning cat chat on her tumblr

Troye Sivan sums it up pretty well

"i like to think im a very serious musician but this is where i like to reblog funny photos of animals doing very silly things like perhaps things that are not typical of that animal."
troye sivan

In other words
if you like the medium you can build up a massive following.
You being you as the musician.

Massive as in massive enough that
just putting something on iTunes makes you chart overnight

They put the song up on iTunes, and something magical happened -- stoked by her Internet fan base, the tune shot up the alternative chart overnight.
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If not, this is not really something that can be
outsourced to management / social media team.

The crowd there is sharp.

anonymous and uncool yet defines online culture

While the humour is awkward and self-depricating, Tumblr is a key source for many of the most influential aggregator sites, up to and including BuzzFeed.

Tumblr has been referred to a ground zero for internet memes, as in the place where they get developed and perfected.

Source: Priceonomics data crawling

The author of this fantastic piece started exploring Tumblr for its "absurdist comedy" only to find the platform revealing itself as

"a secret world hidden in plain sight, one in which teenagers, through wit and luck, [...] stumbled into a new kind of viral fame and fortune, by outsmarting internet ad networks and finding ways to earn thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars from their intentionally unambitious jokes."
Elle Reeve


no obvious revenue model for even the biggest content creators

doesn't require the identity of users

culture not accessible

which means

it doesn't lend itself to typical online marketing

it doesn't have an obvious way in


if it's your thing
very powerful

but only then