Jim Wallis of Topspin released an extensive case study behind The Lumineer's debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 with their latest album Cleopatra.

We recommend reading the article word for word, but we wanted to share how they did the 'content for each platform' thing so well.

Content For Each Platform

The biggest difference between social media and more traditional broadcasting media, is that the conversation can (and should) go both ways.

So The Lumineers have 2.2 million fans on Facebook, 445k on Twitter and 261k on Instagram. The platforms lend themselves differently to types of content. Best results come from curating content that works well within each platform, but is consistent across the board.

It's not about just shouting call to actions ('buy this'), but to keep your audience up to date about with what's happening.

Here's how they did it!


Works great for video content, gifs and longer form descriptions.

– Paid advertising (necessary evil)
– Native videos (target viewers)
– Respond to fan comments with CTA links to in natural interactions


– You can post more often
– Short & snarky
– Reply to fans directly


– 'Artsy and engaging'
– There are no URLs on the post, so CTAs are indirect (like "link in bio!")

A photo posted by @thelumineers on

A photo posted by @thelumineers on

A photo posted by @thelumineers on