It is not funny, when I meet a young gun who tells me quite frankly that s/he is not bothered with the interwebs and all these new gizmos to rely on communications in a swift manner. That they have not had time to wrap their heads around the latest. Or someone is doing it for them. And they really only want to make music.

I remember the time the interwebs did not exist. And contracts were faxed between continents. The stress point of whether the fax roll would suffice for a 100 page contract, so much so we ran out of toilet roll.

Then with every cd or vinyl there was this postcard sized info sheet asking whether you wanted to join the fanclub, so that the fanclub letter would be mailed to you in order for you to get the latest news.

Some friends with BBC Acorn computer showed me how Usenet worked. And they made up an alt-group called BlueEyePop, and I would pop into their office to post the latest to the subscribers who would then get at the speed of well some bauds, get the latest.

Later this Usenet group developed into the BlueEyedPop mail server list. And not late after that it vanished as the chat forum took over.

Of course it is lovely to write a letter with pen and paper and walk to the post office. But the interwebs made it possible for me to be in contact with many or a few relatively quickly. And I valued that. I valued that as it was in a way the best way to be in contact with my friends. Today these friends are called fans or tribes or eyes or something silly. They are the audience I need for my creation.

I should care for them.

It is therefor not funny when the young gun claims no knowledge of the interwebs communication technology because one day they will need their audience. And how funny will it be when the phone is always engaged when they try to get through.

I do #care