by Hrefna Helgadóttir 13 Sep 2017

#TeamInternet got a shoutout at #AppleEvent

Context: Emma Blackery, started a YouTube channel to promote her music. She ventured into comedy and vlogging as well, whilst always having her heart set on music. In the five years since she started, she's built up an audience of 1.4 million on YouTube, whilst launching multiple EPs and starting her own VEVO channel. 

And Now: Emma Blackery's album artwork was shown on screen during Apple's launch of the iPhone X. 

It didn't take Twitter long to dig up some parallel artist feature by Apple. 

"I’ve said it before: the internet is weird

I guess Blackery can give up her day job now. Being a singer-songwriter is her day job, along with posting loads of lifestyle vlogs

Nevertheless, it’s a classic rags to riches story. I wonder how Apple found her

It’s a mystery, but it could have something to do with her 1.4m YouTube subscribers, her 656k Twitter followers, and her 401k Instagram followers."


Her Current Fans Were Excited & Proud

#teaminternet who?

(keen observers notice her fans include YouTube royalty Jacksepticeye, who has 1 or 2 YouTube subscribes, or you know 16,645,212 – but who's counting?)

She Made New Fans

"The Internet is still a place for fairytales, as the amazing story of Emma Blackery shows."

She Seems Stoked

Any Tips from Emma Blackery?

"When it comes to YouTube I always say, ‘put out what you love making’ so if you want to make videos, make it with joy, and people will see that."
– Emma Blackery in NME

Anyway, here's her music