There Are More Listens

banner from coachella

So Spotify released some of their precious data out into the world.

What the graph shows, is what they're calling The Bonnaroo Bump. Bonnaroo is a massive festival in Tennessee, US with over 80k people attending.

When the Bonnaroo lineup is announced, Spotify's data shows an increase in listens for the announced artists performing. Listens to the Bonnaroo lineup artists, is significantly higher than it would otherwise be, and to similar artists not performing at the festival.

It starts with a small spike when the festival is announced. As the festival approaches, the difference between the 'Bonnaroo artists' and the ones not performing, grows.

Spotify listens to the Bonnaroo artists peaks just before the festival. The audience is getting hyped up for the show.

What this means, is that when a band plays at a festival,
there's an increase in how often they are listened to on Spotify.

Not To Get Ahead Of Ourselves....

...but – the obvious conclusion to draw here is only one.

When an act performs live, it increases their listens.