Last year we thought Kaleo might be the next big band out of Iceland.

Four months ago we told you that their hit Way Down We Go made it to the top of Billboard alternative.

Now we don't think Kaleo will be big as in big-for-a-band-that-comes-from-Iceland. No.

We think they'll be massive.

A/B is easily our most listened to album of the year

What's more, is when we've recommended the album to a range of family and friends – every single person has come back to us with a:

"Oh wow, this is good"
(actual quote)

When your trendy friends from Sweden and San Francisco alike go "wait, you must know Kaleo", something's happening.

And it's not just that their album is top tier,
they're also a banging act to see live.

We have this confirmed first-hand, not only from witnessing the scramble it takes to get tickets – but seeing them live. 1500 Americans jumping and dancing and singing along to every word was one of the more memorable concerts of the year (and we go to a lot of shows).

Today's playlist recommendation, Kaleo artist radio on Spotify. Some great finds already, 40 minutes in

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The Industry Takes Note

We're not the only ones noticing.

So is Spotify

Their songs are popping up on more and more Spotify playlists – and not any secondary playlists at that. Here's a small handful we've seen:

Total these playlists are followed by over two and a half million people. Not to mention Kaleo were amongst the first to release Spotify Singles.

So is Billboard

In Billboard's rock roundup of the year, they note Kaleo as the top new rock artist of 2016. In their words:

"Good News: Kaleo is the top new Rock artist of 2016. The Icelandic quartet lands at No. 3 on the year-end Alternative Songs chart with breakthrough hit "Way Down We Go";
no top new rock artist had earned such a high position on the year-end survey since 2012 rock rookie of the year Gotye, whose "Somebody That I Used to Know" (featuring Kimbra) was the No. 1 Alternative Songs track of that year."

The Star Quality of Frontman JJ is Undeniable

On the road to become bigger than Bjork?
Quite possible.