by Einar Örn 07 Apr 2017

It is remarkable, I have just posted that I am doing another gig, not just another gig but a gig. I don’t do just gigs. All of them are special. So should all gigs be. Even though they are few and a part. The preparation for the gig has started.

Have I got a full crew? Has anyone left the band while I was not paying attention. My attention span can be short. I need memory. The social is my memory now. The interwebs is my home and memory. I check whether I have been up to something while I have been away. Strange.

I realize the most important thing is the lead-up time to my gig. I need to be active so that I don’t get forgotten. I need to be reminded that I exist. If I have short memory then I do assume that others have this same quality. We are all equal.

I am kicking my shins. Self-kicking shin mutilation due to inactivitiy on the interwebs. I should have known better than being slack of maintaining my presence on the interwebs. My last gig got widely documented post the show and created interest. Being the slack I am, I thought it would last until the next gig, but alas it has not. So now I have to shin myself into action.

The lead up time is the most important as it starts as soon as I strike the last chord of the last gig. If I don’t adapt I will soon be shinned out. So here I am. Enjoying the lead up time and telling the story of my life to you.

It’s a life.