by Einar Örn 31 Mar 2017

So I sat down and had a thought. I have done gigs on stages with a pit and a barrier in front. The barrier is for security measures. But it also creates a certain gap between me and the audience. Some migh say just aswell.

Usually before going on stage I hear the stage manager giving directions to the professional photographers: “3 first songs and no flash”. This means they can go into the pit between the barrier and stage and shoot photos. For me this was tolerable, just about, as I really wanted no one between me and those coming in for the concert.
I also never like tv cameras on stage, or in the pit, even though they were shooting a live documentary for me of us to be later exploited by us as a live dvd. They were infringing on the performance space and hindering me in delivering the fullest performance as suddenly I had two audiences to deal with.

I really love the interaction with the audience, even if they don’t like what I am doing. Yes that has happened. I am there because of them and I do want to deliver the best. So by being polarised I feel confused. I need my audience, otherwise I could just stop. The performance is everything.

I do understand those critical of audiences using phone cameras to document the moment, and in most instances sharing that moment. But really I can’t dictate to them how they should experience the moment.

The moment is mine to make the audience forget their phones, the location, time and space and take them on the same trip I am on.

Excuse me, I think I should go out and twerk