Sharing & Embedding

There are two ways to pass a YouTube video around on the internet.

  1. Share the link
    Most people do this in everyday social media communication. They'll copy/paste the URL and post in either public or private conversations. The reader presses the link, that takes them off the page they are on to watch the video on a YouTube page.

  2. Embed video
    Embedding videos are used for more sophisticated pieces of content; websites, blogs and landing pages. It means the video shows up directly on the page and becomes a part of it. The viewer will not have to leave the page to watch the video.

To decide which one to use, depends on the content you are creating. How do you want the video to appear, like a link or directly visible? If you want the video to be visible on your page, you'll have to copy/paste in the embed code.

Step 1: Find your video on YouTube

Step 2: Press Share to reveal option "Embed"

This is where you'll see a long link starting with "<iframe width=...". Copy that link.

Step 3: Paste the link into any editor you're working with

Step 4: Your Embedded Video Should Look Like This

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