This just in.
Instagram's Music feature is here.

Go to Instagram > Instagram Story > Swipe Up > Music,
and you'll have access to a library of music
to play on your Instagram Story.

Did You See It Yet?

Here are the screenshots

This is Exciting!

Instagram Stories has 400 million daily active users, and Instagram is hands down the social network with the strongest connection to music and musicians and music fans. Or like TechCrunch put it, music can make your boring video look epic.

What We Know So Far

  • The music is licensed
  • You can select whatever part of the song that you want
  • You can select the song before or after your video clip
  • Available in 'select countries' (probably because of licensing)

What the Industry is Whispering

This is really exciting and a great opportunity for artists to be discovered and more songs to be heard by more people. It's really cool to put the tools of music curation into the hands of everyone.

It does also highlight how incredibly important and valuable social is for the musicians – and like we've said before, social media is where the connection between the audience and the artist is formed and maintained. This is even more true of the 'story' medium, that is ephemeral in nature and therefore fleeting and more casual which also makes it more intimate.

As our friend who is a brand specialist and strategist in the music industry put it:

"It's another reason to take your social brand very seriously and spend money on social rather than on press in the early days of an artist career."

– M. Hunziker [find here]

Hrefna Helgadóttir
Promogogo Product Manager