Our raison d'etre here at Promogogo is we see a glaring gap in the market in event promotion – and that's strategising to reach someone outside the hardcore fans. The industry loves talking about fans, to the fans, reaching the fans – and for a good reason. Fans are extremely valuable to any artist of any size.

But the fact is simply that there are way more people who like the music, but aren't necessarily fans per se. Like Mr Bossman put it "Don't underestimate the size of the 'hey honey, it's been a while since we went to a concert' crowd" who'd be up for "this sorta thing".

One Beyoncé Knowles seems to have clocked this – and incorporated reaching the casual Beyoncé enthusiast into her latest 'media'-release ('album' doesn't really do a documentary + a live album justice) strategy.

The Strategy of Beyoncé's Netflix Special, 'Homecoming'

Once we've come down from the emotional high of Beychella, Beyoncé's last year's Coachella performance – chronicled in the film, we got curious about the strategy behind the Netflix special Homecoming. Why now, and why Netflix. TIDAL supports video, right?

The answer seems pretty obvious: Netflix has far bigger reach and a way bigger budget to pay her for something like this. Trapital dug further though, in their piece Beyoncé's Streaming Strategy, Explained.

It reads: "Today, the streaming behemoth consistently offers stars eight-figure deals because it’s in aggressive growth mode" the article reads, adding "Netflix’s 140 million subscribers [...] are another reason why Beyoncé chose Netflix. It’s a great way to reach casual fans.".

Trapital further draws up this funnel that's just perfect. 

It shows the different layers of the Beyhive (what the fans are collectively known as) based on how engaged the person is. It's hard to live in the modern world and not be exposed to some Beyoncé, but having a special on Netflix like that certainly invites a casual viewer to be more intrigued and engage with her body of work more deeply.

"Beyoncé would have lost out on the opportunity to convert casual fans if Homecoming was exclusively on Tidal—which serves an audience that’s already bought in."

– Trapital

We couldn't have put this better ourselves. The Trapital article goes into more detail on this, and we highly recommend you to give it a read.

Following the release of Homecoming her latest album Lemonade which was not widely available, it went straight to #1 – 2 years after it was released. 

Hrefna Helgadóttir
Promogogo Product Manager