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71% of internet users listen to licensed music online and half of all internet users pay for music in one way or another.

Most listen on phones. YouTube is the biggest service – and is used for music they already know.

There is a 20% increase in paid streaming, and over 50% of 13-15s buys music.


In 2016 smartphones overtook the desktop as the music consumption device of choice. This is particularly true for paying subscribers, and applies to users of Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Pandora.

YouTube Is The Biggest Music Service

More than 9 in 10 YouTube users, use it for music. Most of it's for music the users already know, but up to 70% is also for music discovery.

However many use more than one service for their music consumption. 82% of paid streamers also purchase music in another form in addition to streaming.

Unlicensed Listening Is Going Away

Most young people only listen to licensed music, and the majority is willing to pay for music. Many of those who don't want to or can't pay for music services go to YouTube which is free, although the study reveals many YouTube users would be willing to pay.

Audio streaming is valued for its ease of use and the vast range of content available.

Consumers also value trust and security, wanting to ensure they are accessing official, licensed music services.
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The generation growing up now, not only is used to licensed means of accessing music – it is also important to them that the artists are compensated fairly.

The study was conducted in 13 countries, including US, Mexico, Sweden, Australia, Japan). Read the full report.